Hide folders in windows 7

Hide Windows Folders in Command Prompt
How to Securely Hide Windows Folders in Command Prompt
We can easily hide our personal folders and Files in windows 7/8 using command prompt.
This method very useful to protect our personal folders and files.
Anonymous users not able to find our hidden folders and files.
But We must want to remember our folder and files locations for un hide.
Attrib command is one of the windows utility tool.
It handle the attribute information about our folders and files.
Command Syntax:
To Hide:
c:\> attrib +h +r +s <Folder Name>
To Unhide:
c:\> attrib -h -r -s <Folder Name>
Step by Step Instructions:
Step 1: open CMD Prompt.
Step 2: Create One Folder using any Name.
Create FOlder Step 3: View the Created folder.
View Folder Step 4: To Hide your Folder attrib +h +r +s “Folder-Name”
To Hide your Folder Step 5: To verify the hidden folder
Verify Hidden Folder Step 6: To Unhide Your Folder attrib -h -r -s “Folder-Name”
To Un hide Your Folder Step 7: To verify Unhide Folder.
Verify Unhide folder

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