ERROR: exactly one “hosts” entry is required in /etc/netsvc.conf

ERROR: exactly one “hosts” entry is required in /etc/netsvc.conf

ERROR: exactly one “hosts” entry is required in /etc/netsvc.conf

* Normally this kind of error we are facing at the time PowerHA systemMirror migration Prerequisites.

* PowerHA systemMirror clmigcheck utility deducting this kind of errors.

* If suppose we are not resolving this issue, we will not able to perform PowerHA SystemMirror 6.1 to 7.1 Rolling or Snapshot migration.

Error Message:

NODE1:# clmigcheck 

## One or more possible problems have been detected:

ERROR: exactly one "hosts" entry is required in /etc/netsvc.conf on
       node "NODE1". A value such as the following should be
       the ony line in /etc/netsvc.conf:

           hosts = local4,bind4

       Or for IPv6 environments:

           hosts = local6,bind6

Problem Identification:

* This is not a big Problem, so we no need to worry about this.

* Actually Problem is our /etc/netsvc.conf file on all the cluster nodes.

Solution for the Problem:

Verify there is only one line that is one uncommented line in /etc/netsvc.conf file.

Make sure take backup of /etc/netsvc.conf file remove all the entry’s form this file kept only one line as per mentioned below line.

NODE1+NODE2:# cat /etc/netsvc.conf
hosts = local4,bind4

* Refresh clcomd service on all the nodes.

NODE1+NODE2:# refresh -s clcomd
0513-095 The request for subsystem refresh was completed successfully.

* Run again clmigcheck utility it should be work.

NODE1:# clmigcheck

If there is no error on your HA configuration prerequisites. You will be get below mentioned output. it means your HACMP Cluster ready for Migration.

NODE1:# clmigcheck
------------[ PowerHA SystemMirror Migration Check ]----
Please select one of the following options:
        1 ->  Enter the version you are migrating to.
        2 ->  Check ODM configuration.
        3 ->  Check snapshot configuration.
        4 ->  Enter repository disk and IP addresses.
Select one of the above, "x" to exit, or "h" for help: 



Exactly one “hosts” entry is required in /etc/netsvc.conf problem has been solved as per our above instructions.

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