1.1. Establishing a Local Area Network (LAN)

1.1. Establishing a Local Area Network (LAN)

The main objective is to set up a Local Area Network, concepts involved in this network are IP addressing and the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP). The required equipment’s are,,, Host A Host B Host C, Switch/HUB, three PC`s equipped with at least one NIC, one HUB or Switch and the necessary cables. Once the physical LAN is set up the hosts need to be configured using the ifconfig command. To verify communication among the machines the ping command is used. Next, to manipulate the routing tables at the hosts to understand how machines know where to send packets. Since the ifconfig command places a default route into the routing tables this route must be deleted. To blind fold the machine. The ping command is used again to show that communication is no longer available. To re-establish communication the routes are put back into the routing table one host at a time. Communication i once again verified using the ping command.

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