1.3 Analyzing the performance of various configurations and protocols

1.3 Analyzing the performance of various configurations and protocols

Original TCP versus the above modified one: To compare the performance between the operation of TCP with congestion control and the operation of TCP as implemented. The main objective is for students to examine how TCP responds to a congested network. The concepts involved in the lab include network congestion and the host responsibilities for communicating over a network. This lab requires three PC’s connected to a switch. One PC is designated as the target host and the other two PC’s will transfer a file from the target host using FTP. A load is placed on the network to simulate congestion and the file is transferred, first by the host using the normal TCP and then by the host using the modified version. This procedure is performed multiple times to determine average statistics. The students are then asked to summarize the results and draw conclusions about the performance differences and the underlying implications for hosts operating in a network environment.

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