0506-365 Cannot mount guarded filesystem in AIX

Whenever we are trying to mount the jfs2 file systems some time it will through the “0506-365 Cannot mount guarded filesystem” error.

This is new features  of IBM JFS2 Filesystem Concurrent Mount Protection.

It’s introduced in In AIX 7100-01 and 6100-07 , This will protect file system corruption while using the PowerHA concurrent volume group.


bash-4.2# mount /batch
mount: /dev/batch_lv on /rating/batch
0506-365 Cannot mount guarded filesystem.
The filesystem is potentially mounted on another node.

Solution For the Problem.

To check Patch file systems informations on /etc/filesystems.

bash-4.2# cat /etc/filesystems | grep -p /batch
        dev             = /dev/batch_lv
        vfs             = jfs2
        log             = /dev/loglv00
        mount           = false
        check           = false
        account         = false
        mountguard      = yes

Check the VG and Lv details if any tsm lv present , first remove it.

bash-4.2# lsvg -l Rating_Vg
LV NAME             TYPE       LPs     PPs     PVs  LV STATE      MOUNT POINT
batch_lv            jfs2       4108    4108    33   closed/syncd  /batch
loglv00             jfs2log    1       1       1    closed/syncd  N/A
tsm534780108413     jfs2       407     407     4    closed/syncd  N/A

bash-4.2# snapshot -d /dev/tsm534780108413

Then mount the filesystem with noguard option.

bash-4.2# mount -o noguard /batch

Now problem has been resolved some time its required fsck operation while mounting the file system with noguard option .

bash-4.2# df -gt /batch
Filesystem    GB blocks      Used      Free %Used Mounted on
/dev/batch_lv   2034.00   1496.23    537.77   74% /batch


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  1. jvoram

    Good work!! this error will come when we try to mount the RG filesystems on secondary node but why someone would try to mount on secondary node as it will lead data inconsistency. I am just asking it for knowledge.

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